Today in the city Mountain View 21.03.2018
Pilot View - Landing an F-18 on a Carrier in Bad Weather

**Advance to 4:00 if impatient** Up-close and personal. Note: The roll on the flightdeck was between 6-10 feet.

Footage Of College Life During World War Two

A compilation of footage from the US National Archives showing daily scenes of college life at Prairie View College as well as Howard University. No specific date, it just said it was during World War...

Man Charged in Fatal Shooting in South-Central Montana

A man suspected in a fatal shooting in south-central Montana has been charged with deliberate homicide.

F/A-18F Super Hornet Strike Fighter Carrier Launch

Be sure to toggle full screen and enjoy riding shotgun with Goose and Maverick with this fore and aft cockpit view of an F/A-18 Super Hornet strike fighter launch from a carrier.

Canelo Alvarez Vs. GGG 2: Date, Location, Ticket And Pay-Per-View Information

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 2 will take place at The T-Mobile Arena on Cinco de Mayo. Take a look at the ticket costs.

Land Rover's Explore phone won't flake out on a mountain hike - CNET

Like the outdoors? Like your technology to function properly in the outdoors? Take a look at the Land Rover Explore with AR, crazy battery and premium maps to boot.

Android P may prevent background apps from accessing your camera

The next major version of Android, for now referred to as "Android P" until Google comes up with a dessert-inspired code name, may have a new feature to help protect your privacy.  An Android Ope...

Wildlife Officials to Study Brucellosis in Montana Elk

State wildlife officials are planning to study a bacterial infection found in elk by equipping a number of the animals in southwestern Montana with tracking collars.

This Chrome extension brings 'View Image' back to Google Search

A few days ago, Google removed a feature that many people find quite usable: the ability to easily view — and download — an image found through Google's search engine.  While the remo...

10 private and luxurious vacation rentals for the ultra rich

Vacation rentals offer a level of privacy and intimacy that hotels cannot match. When money is no object, renting a vacation home can be the ultimate in luxury. A new book features photos of some of t...

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